Property management

Generandi manages forest and agri class assets acting as a key partner during all phases of the process from the selection of land, planting, growing and marketing of the sales. 


Service scope:


i.    Multi-year financial planning

ii.    Technical management covering:

a.       Forestry and agri planning

b.      Fertilization

c.       Harvesting

d.      Phytosanitary control

e.      Etc.

iii.    Subsidy management

iv.    Sales and marketing

Forestry and agricultural assets may be among the most environmentally friendly if managed properly by experts as Generandi. Investment in these assets, and the consumption of its products, can improve the environment, provide a better air and water quality and increase biodiversity.


Properly managed these assets can become a continuous source of renewable resources that promote industry and create jobs.


The agroforestry management and raw material supply policy assets is committed with an integrated resource management and sustainable practices that contribute to continuous improvement.